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you are so welcome Susan!

susan parent

So much easier. Like this . definately going to try on my quilt I am making. Thank You So Much Pat !!!!!!!!


Thanks for this tutorial,will soon be trying it

The Lisa Marie

Usually my favorite part of making a quilt is sewing the binding on by hand. I find it to be very relaxing. However, I recently completed a quilt that I was sooooo done with, and I was anxious to move onto my next project. (I suspect you can relate to that. ;-) ) I decided to give your method a try. Boy was I glad that I did. It worked great! And your video was most helpful. Thank-you for sharing all of your good ideas.


The binding looks so pretty with a blanket stitch! More of a hand made look. Thanks for sharing. I love when people think outside the box!

Treasure Coast Modern Quilt Guild

WooHoooo!!! I'm a fifth generation quilter and binding has always, always (!) loathed binding. Now that I've had two carpal tunnel surgeries and operations on all ten digits for 'trigger finger' I am truly unable to do hand work. At last...a legitimate excuse! ;-)

I thought that this was so fabulous I added it to our Treasure Coast Modern Quilt Guild page on Facebook.

Thank you!

Gina Koston

I'm so thankful you commented on my post on FB about your tutorial~ This is how I'm going to bind my next quilt! Thank you, Pat!

Patricia Stumbrys

Looooooved you technique but first I need to be able to buy a machine with different stitches.... mine only does straight and zig zag :(
I will keep doing by hand until that... :)

Jane Jass

Thank you, I never could get my binding to look right.


Today I decided to try a machine-finished binding and looked at many online tutorials. I thought yours offered the nicest finish without the telltale stitching line showing on the back. I practiced a bit on a test piece, then just went for it. The binding came out great, especially for a first attempt! Thanks, Pat, for taking the time to create this great tutorial. I saved hours of hand-sewing and now have a lovely, durable binding on my baby quilt. Yay!

Michele Fetter

Everyone is all about hand binding and I'm so over it. My machine binding looks like a train wreck. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm looking forward to trying it.

Shirley Blenkinsopp

Hi Pat, great idea sewing on by machine, I gave up years ago as never happy with result. When sewing on binding on I use my overlocker, so much easier to finish as no bulk to wrap binding over. Cheers Shirley B Australia


OMG I don't feel so guilty now. I've been machine stitching the binding for quite a while as well as using the backing fabric as the binding by extending the amount of fabric used and folding over. Thanks so much for showing and sharing.


What a godsend idea, I have always done hand stitching on the binding but this will be much more durable, we use our quilts and launder them more than most.


Thanks for this tutorial, this would be great for placemats too.

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