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I am so anxious to tell you and Greg how beautiful, fun, and easy the new look is for us. Great job and I look forward to all the changes in 2008. I like change myself. Thank you both for all you give us.

Happy New Year!

Lynda Cathey

Love the new look will makes things so much easier to find,,,Im going hunting now

Lisa Franklin

Oooohhhhhh, Pat!!! I luv the new look of your site. How did you know this was my favorite shade of green??!!

Haven't even had time to check any of the links; I just jumped at the opportunity to tell you that I love what you've done. You never fail to come up with something new and exciting!

Merry Christmas!

Lisa in Louisiana


Love your new do Pat so much fun.


What a lovely holiday gift to all of us...*S*

The new colors are great; the site is so easy to use. Thx for all your good work.

kay coop

Greg and Pat, I love the changes. You both are the greatest!!!!! Kay in Arkansas


I love how much easier it is to see all of your books etc. on one page. That keeps me looking longer and makes me want to BUY lots more!


Love the new look. The buttons are great. Thanks for all you do.


Great new "do" for the new year! Farmer's Market - I'm thinking watermelon ... or maybe I should say hoping - I drew and cut 2x as many "pie slits" so I made them in black and they look just like watermelon seeds to me - I saved them - figured there had to be watermelon at the Farmer's Market at some point!!
Mary in Maryland


Your new look is a feast for the eyes Pat! Love it! Greg you did a great job! Do you hire out? LOL


Wow!! Really awesome revamp on the website!!!

~*~ Patty

This new look is fantastic!!! So user friendly and all around nice. I think it's brilliant that comments can be left too - wowee! I'm feeling the twinkle! oxoxoxo ....back to browsing around some more!
~*~ Patty at Magpie's Nest


WOW! I want a site just like this!!! What a fabulous look ... you guys did a great job. Roseann


I love it! So perky and fun. My poor credit card, I can't wait to get shopping.

Gina from PA

Pat the new format is just great. I love the colors and all the buttons, well what can I say.
Awesome about sums it up !!!!

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