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pat sloan

Thanks for the site! I got several this time.. I was looking for a certain type and one that somebody has tried already so I know someone likes it... I'm funny that way... hehe!


Re: baked lima beans. I checked one of my favorite recipe sites, cooks.com, and a bunch of recipes came up. Have you tried there? I have made baked beans using a variety of beans (black, lima, pinto, etc.) and they're always tasty.



I love the quote by Alexander Graham Bell. My daughter and I went to a scrapbooking convention on Saturday and I saw the neatest idea. The vendor made an inspiration wheel from a Rolodex. It could solely be used for quotes or the dividers for ABC's could have an inspiration quote on it. They called it altered art.

Denny in PA


frequent b&b miles!!!

pat sloan

hehe... glad you like the things!! Wonder if B&B's have frequent stay system ... like the Hilton chain? We gather points and get free hotels with the chain... so we'll still use chains.. but this B&B is just THE BEST!


oh me oh my!!!
i can't WAIT to get my hands on that new book.
i've been oooh'n & aaah'n over those cute little owls like crazy!

love the christmas towels.

and i TOTALLY agree that the cherries & stars quilt would be perfect for your nikki fabbies. AS SOON AS you said that i envisioned it.
{if you make it...have to see those pics!!!}

that b&b is the CUTEST place!!! have you been converted now??? to always stay at b&b's??? aren't they the best??? LOVE the pic you took at dusk, with the candles...so comfy looking.
and that picture of you & black beard is perfect!!! LOVE it.

okay i'm gonna stop commenting now. geez rachel!!!

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