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Pat Sloan

Emilie and I are having a GREAT time with it and it's great to hear you are too!

Tracy Reeb

I am going to join. Thank you for doing this. I've read all the books and have enjoyed them all. I'm going to start a book club at our local quilt shop and was looking for things about the books and stumbled upon this project. I'm looking forward to it.

Emilie Richards

Just saw Susan Webb is here. Hi Susan! Susan long-armed a quilt I made for my wonderful and long time editor. She did the most wonderful job on it.

Yes, I bought Laurel Burch Christmas fabrics when they were on sale at Hancocks of Paducah after the holiday. Got pieces of this and that and just used the purple kitty one in my March block, coming to MY website soon. Just sent the photo to Pat.

One reader wrote to tell me she's making 10 of the Advent quilts, one for each grandchild. Wow. And I saw on line where two women are each making two identical stockings, then trading each month.

The creativity is so wonderful here. I think I'll learn a lot from all of you.

Emilie, writing up March's directions.

Caren Bryant

I'm excited, too. I am an ardent fan of the Shenandoah Album series. I haven't read Touching Stars or Sister's Choice yet. I've been waiting for the paperbacks. But I do have the quilt pattern books. I'll go fishing for my Christmas fabrics to get started. Thanks, Emilie and Pat. This is a wonderful idea. Caren


Oh this is going to be so much fun. I am going to do the one where we will attach them later. I am glad I stumbled here. Thanks to everyone envolved in getting this together for us!!

Pat Sloan

I think we will post photos of quilts everyone is doing.. so send me photos!!!

Susan Webb

Emilie - Love your fabric stash used for these blocks.Seein Pat's choices is amind-opener too in choosing fabrics. Sew much to see; sew little time! Fun idea! Are you using some Laurel Burch fabrics? I've got to get some for my Christmas fabric stash, which is pretty bleak right now. (Haven't been to a fabric shop for a while).
Great idea;it'll be fun to see end results of quilter's creativity. Will you be posting some pics from your readers?
Susan W. in snowy Titusville

Denise Konar

This is soo exciting I can't tell you how long I've looked for just the right "creative" Advent calendar and this is so perfect for me, a quilter. And having just taken Bonnie Hunter's "Crumb" workshop I now know how to use all those scraps I end up with !!!
Thanks Ladies,

Emilie Richards

Also, Denny, if you're making the version with the removable stockings, (what we're calling the Advent calendar) then the background quilt will come later, and you'll attach the stockings with buttons (or Velcro or snaps, but what fun is that?)

So glad everyone's enthused. I know we'll see a lot of gorgeous versions out there.


 pat sloan

The General Directions are right in the middle.. I'll put a little something there to make it more obvious


You two are fabulous and Advent calendars are an absolute favorite of mine. On the page with the stocking pattern it says to see the general directions document for how to apply the stocking to the background. I must have missed it somewhere. Can you direct me. Thanks so much - there was a lot of work in this FREE pattern and idea and I for one appreciate it tremendously. And I just happen to have Emilie's Sister's Choice book which isn't read yet but will be soon.

Peggy Aront

This looks like fun, I can't wait to go home and start pulling fabric for this....
Peggy in NJ


awesome tip Emilie! Now I can't wait for March! LOL

Emilie Richards

Hey Pat!
Waving from across the Metro area. Just wanted to let our BOMers know that once they cut out their stockings, SAVE the scraps. I just used mine in my first of two March blocks. By scraps, I mean what's left of the block you made before you cut out your stocking. You'll see why in March. But we're at a time when saving and reusing's a good thing, right? So people like me, who save every teensy weensy scrap are suddenly cool.


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